Make a return
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Make a return

How to make a return
CDS Vic provides a 10 cent refund for every eligible drink container returned at refund points across Victoria. Every bottle, can and carton you return helps divert valuable containers from landfill.
Eligible containers
Most aluminium, glass, plastic and liquid paperboard (carton) drink containers between 150mL and 3 litres are eligible. Keep the lids on, we recycle them too! 
Refund point types
There are hundreds of refund points across Victoria, so look out for your local. By August 2024 the network will grow to more than 600 refund points.
Donation & other refund types
There are multiple ways to receive your 10 cent refund. You can either keep your refund, or support your favourite cause with a donation. 
Get involved
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Get involved

CDS Vic gives charities and community groups the opportunity to raise funds while making an impact. 
Your eligible containers can help others. Donate your valuable container refunds at your nearest refund point. 
Beverage industry partners
Find out more about participating in Victoria’s Container Deposit Scheme
About us
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About us

About CDS Vic
CDS Vic is part of Victoria’s goal to be a leader in the creation of a stronger circular economy.
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Scheme Integrity
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Get started

Get ready to make change Victoria

You can now exchange eligible drink containers for 10 cents. Together we can make a positive difference to our community and our environment.

Find your nearest refund point

Hundreds of refund points are now open across Victoria, and more will open in the coming weeks. By August 2024 the network will grow to more than 600 refund points.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

Step 1
Collect eligible drink containers
Check for the 10c mark
Step 2
Find your refund point
Search interactive map
Step 3
Earn or donate your refund
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That’s a lot of change

Every eligible drink container returned contributes to our circular economy. By participating, Victorians are:

Creating clean streams of recycling
Reducing litter
Earning change for themselves, their communities and charities

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About CDS Vic
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Latest updates

Victoria’s Container Deposit Scheme has started!

It’s exciting to see CDS Vic come to life across Victoria. If you’re heading to a refund point, we’d love to see it. Follow and tag @cdsvic on your socials using #CDSVic.

1 month ago 1 November 2023

What can be returned?

Are my drink containers eligible? ​​ Check if your can, carton or bottle can be returned here.

1 month ago 1 November 2023

Raise funds for your community

Register your charity or community group with CDS Vic to receive donations from your supporters.

1 month ago 1 November 2023