Make a return

Make a return

How to make a return
CDS Vic will provide a 10 cent refund for every eligible drink container returned from 1 November.    Every bottle, can and carton you return helps to divert valuable containers from landfill. 
Eligible containers
Most aluminium, glass, plastic and liquid paperboard (carton) drink containers between 150mL and 3 litres are eligible. Keep the lids on, we recycle them too! 
Refund point types

There are hundreds of refund points across Victoria, so look out for your local. By August 2024 the network will grow to more than 600 refund points.

Donation & other refund types
There are multiple ways to receive your 10 cent refund. You can either keep your refund, or support your favourite cause with a donation. 
Get involved

Get involved

CDS Vic gives charities and community groups the opportunity to raise funds while making an impact. 
Your eligible containers can help others. Donate your valuable container refunds at your nearest refund point. 
Beverage industry partners
Find out more about participating in Victoria’s Container Deposit Scheme
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Sorting eligible containers before returning

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About CDS Vic
CDS Vic is part of Victoria’s goal to be a leader in the creation of a stronger circular economy.
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Donation & other refund types

There are multiple ways to receive your 10 cent refund. You can either keep your refund, or support your favourite charity or community organisation with a donation.


Vouchers are generated instantly, and can be redeemed at participating stores such as your local supermarket. These can be used towards your purchase, or they can often be exchanged for cash in-store. No personal details are required. This is the most common payment type at reverse vending machines. 


Many depots, over-the-counter and pop-up refund points can offer your refund in cash after they count your eligible drink containers on the spot. 


There are several ways to donate your 10 cent refund to charities and community groups. 

Donate your refund

You can find a registered charity or community organisation to support at your local refund point, or use our donation partner search tool.
Registered donation partners can also share their Donation Partner ID or barcode with you directly.

Donate your drink containers

Many community organisations collect eligible containers. You may be able to drop off your empty drink containers directly if they have a collection point on site.

Electronic payment

Each Zone Operator has an app on both Android and iOS. Use the app to receive electronic payments, track your refunds and find refund points. 


You will be able to receive your refund directly into your bank account via an electronic funds transfer (EFT). Your refund will go straight into your nominated account or donation partner account. PayPal may also be available at some refund points.


For electronic payment, please check you have the correct app for the zone your refund point is in – or follow the instructions at your refund point.